Italy from north to south: a tourist country… There is a suitable destination in any season: spring/autumn cultural and art cities, summer at the seaside, winter in the mountains… you can always find something to do throughout the year and of the highest quality.

Italian Food

Italy from north to south: a tourist country also well known for its gastronomy and oenology, is one of the countries that has most influenced and influences world gastronomy. From spaghetti to pizza, Italy is in first place in the agri-food sector according to UNESCO and in first place as the best cuisine in the world.

Italy is also known worldwide in the fashion sector with its luxury brands that influence the catwalk market such as Giorgio Armani, Prada. Gucci and many others.

Each region has its own characteristics and food culture, even if there are ingredients in common with all regions. From north to south, Italy offers many natural and architectural attractions, being the cradle of much history.

All these attractions make Italy interesting for various types of tourism:

  • cultural tourism.
  • seaside tourism.
  • mountain tourism.
  • business tourism.
  • school tourism.
  • religious tourism.
  • sports tourism.
  • wellness tourism.

To get an overview of Italy, on dates of events and cultural events, I recommend visiting the site Discover Italy: Official Tourism Website – There is a lot of interesting information about Italy related to tourism.

He will start talking about the various types of tourism in Italy in more detail.


When it comes to cultural tourism, Florence and Rome are the first cities visited. Florence with the Uffizi Gallery, Rome with the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum. Venice is also a very important city with Piazza San Marco, the lagoon and the famous masks that give life to the famous Venice Carnival.

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